Our consulting team offers a wealth of experience to implement and actively manage solutions across an array of technology environments.

How it works

Instead, they’re specific to a threat, opportunity or need faced by your business. At Elite Force, we seek to understand your specific challenges, identify the risks and opportunities and work backwards to provide you with effective solutions to support your company’s business needs.

Our engineers leverage the latest technologies to address your company’s goals and execute well planned-out strategies that cultivates the health of your business. We will listen to your needs and develop the appropriate solutions. We help you to drill down and explore some of the more common approaches to solving complex business problems.  Give us a call…We’re here to help.

Why should your company undergo a network assessment when everything seems to be working great? Network assessments identify the challenges and risks at work in your business. For instance, are your employees using their own mobile devices to conduct business? Could employees of contractors be downloading questionable software or content on your network? Are your servers vulnerable? Your technology foundation should be a solid platform that is dependable and secure.

Elite Force provides a comprehensive network assessment that evaluates security, stabilization, mobile devices, and regulatory compliance requirements. If your business has not had a professional network assessment in the last year, consider contacting Elite Force today.

Elite can perform HIPPA and PCI compliance assessments to make sure you are treating your data with care and securing your customers private information, thereby protecting your company as well as theirs.

We offer two assessment levels to consider; both will enable you to build out a security practice that will fully protect your business. We generate environmental risk reports that will resonate with your executives as well as your IT professionals.  Furthermore, it provides us with ongoing risk visibility into your environment including daily alerts and SOC remediation.

Rest assured that your employees are staying productive with employee productivity software, measuring performance and maintaining productivity baselines. You can know when an employee is spending the majority of their time on Facebook or Solitaire, instead of taking calls or working to advance your company’s strategic business goals.

No consulting firm can know everything there is to know about a particular software or database, but at Elite Force, we will take it upon ourselves to learn how a software is supposed to work so that we can recommend an approach and perform a customized rollout for your company. Whether it’s a sophisticated Document Management System or a custom app, we will rock and roll to get it done for your company and do it with precision.

It’s time to move the cloud with your email and servers. The cloud is more reliable and cloud operators spend lots of money and time to protect your systems…a lot more than most businesses do. When your systems are in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about local outages. We have been moving companies to Microsoft Office365 for years and therefore have the process down to a ‘T.’ Call us for a quote today.


With coverage from multi-variant ransomware attacks to the latest crypto mining infiltrations, Advanced endpoint threat management from our SOC will monitor and remediate active code to stop threats and minimize harm—all backed by a 1 million dollar ransomware guarantee.

Our Services


The cloud is more reliable, better for business and is stable in the event of local outages.


Our suite of management solutions can handle any infrastructure need. 


Nobody’s business is immune to cyberthreats. In today’s world, we keep you safe.